Nutritonal & Dietary Counseling

Much of the nutritional and dietary counseling in my office centers around individualizing a lifestyle based on a person’s body type,genetics, lifesyle, symptymotology, family history, and present symptoms and complaints.

Over three decades of practice, I have discovered many ways to help patients make the transition towards a healthy lifestyle that supports the movement towards a vital, energetic and symptom free life. Many patients have cured their type 2 Diabetes. To change one’s food choices is a process, yet often patients comment at our 2nd visit that their energy is improved, that their foggy thinking is gone and that they enjoy the food that they are eating, and the changes they are seeing in themselves.

I also work extensively with food allergy identification and elimination. Food allergies can cause obvious problems or they can be much more subtle. If you have a health issue (asthma, eczema, migraines, A.D.D./A.D.H.D.), food allergies will almost always worsen the overlying condition by increasing inflammation, preventing the natural healing response.

Allergy testing is generally done via elimination and challenge diets or through a laboratory generated blood test known as an ELISA panel. 

Specific dietary plans for conditions such as autoimmune, diabetes, high cholesterol, weight loss andmany other conditions are addressed at my clinic.

Mineral, Vitamin and Nutraceutical Supplements

Mineral and vitamin supplements are used widely in our practice. For people who are relatively healthy and just want to stay that way, we can make general recommendations for vitamins and dosage. Then there are those people who may have specific health issues, for which we may prescribe a therapeutic, high dose, usage of particular substances.

Minerals and vitamins when depleted, contribute to the development of illness. This can occur due to poor diet or poor absorption, or they may become deficient as a consequence of the disease process itself (heavy metal toxicity, cancer, infection, etc.), contributing to an exacerbation of the illness. Genetics plays a role in a persons ability to synthesize and utilize certain nutrients. An example is the inability to use folic acid for it’s many essential bodily processes due to enzymatic weakness, due to genetic predisposition. Genetic testing is being used more and more in my practice as I look at each individual’s issues.

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