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True Healing is Possible

Katie Carter, ND

Dr. Carter has a passion for treating pain and pain syndromes, utilizing prolo, prolozone, neuro prolo, and other Naturopathic modalities. Throughout Western Montana she is known for her expertise in pain, autoimmune and endocrine disorders. She’s a trainer for Dr. Frank Shallenberger’s prolozone courses and has presented twice at the AAOT, to an international audience of ozone researchers and specialists.

I Approach Medicine Differently. 

It’s Personal.

You have the opportunity to truly heal by focusing on the root cause of your illness. Modern medicine focuses on suppressing your symptoms, but they are not the disease or illness, it lies underneath.

I have a passion for taking a very complete history and unraveling the puzzle of why someone isn’t getting better. There are many tools I use to assist this process.

My Process is Unique…

I may need to study your microbiome, your genetics, your food allergies, your hormone status, or your heavy metal toxicity in the process.

I may use regenerative pain treatments like Prolozone, PRP and stem cells and many others.

We will get to the root cause and assist your bodies innate healing power to finish your healing. It’s what we do.


I Can Help Eliminate Pain FAST with Prolozone & Stem Cells

Eliminate Pain without Harmful Drugs or Risky Surgery!  If you are suffering from Chronic Pain, I have serveral therapies that can help you Regenerate tissue and eliminate pain at the source.

We Get to the Root Cause of your condition…


Our approach is unique for the fact that we won’t decide on a care plan until we do significant diagnostic testing, taking a deeper look than conventional medicine.


We help your body heal without the dangers of surgery or harmful medication.


We base our approach on scientific data and patient results.  All of our procedures are proven effective.


We always try to provide the best cutting edge procedures at the lowest possible cost.

Katie Carter, ND

What is Naturopathic Medicine?

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