Allergies, asthma and sinus issues are reflective of an underlying immune reaction that is caused by an imbalance in one or more systems.

Your diet, your breathing, as well as your microbiome, and your immune system are important factors in remedying these issues.

For acute sinus infections oxygen/ozone therapy is highly effective. Dr. Carter also uses antibiotic nasal spray with a EDTA to break down the biofilms associated with chronic sinusitis. Many patients that come to see her for chronic reoccurring sinusitis have had their microbiome of their gut radically altered  from chronic antibiotic use. This further creates a cycle of bacterial overgrowth in both the sinuses and small intestine. By recreating a healthy biome the immune system is able to function properly again.

For allergies to inhalants like weeds, grass, dust mites and mold Dr. Carter utilizes low dose antigen therapy. This therapy eradicates allergies and gets people back outside enjoying activities all year around. Our Montana spring, summer and fall seasons are precious. You can reclaim your favorite outdoor activities with this treatment.

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