Most chronically ill patients complain of fatigue as one of their chief complaints.

Unfortunately the modern western lifestyle has caused people to rely on caffeine in the morning and sedatives at night in order to function. After a period of time, this system will fail. Fatigue is caused by a chronic manifestation of an imbalance and it is up to your Naturopathic Physician to find the cause of your issue. Look at the other links in this website to learn about your endocrine system, toxins in your body, disruptions in your microbiome, food allergies caused by leaky gut as well as autoimmune illnesses.

Dr. Carter has a lengthy first visit in order to reveal the probable causes of your fatigue. The process is one of detective work and may entail certain labs like expanded thyroid testing, microbiome testing, hormone testing and food allergy testing. Until you can get in for an appointment, keep a diet diary. Bring in a list of all your problems as your entire system is effected by your underlying imbalance. Unlike the modern medical doctor, who often treat your one major symptom, Dr. Carter needs to and wants to know how your illness is effecting every part of your body.

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