Hormone Balancing

For over three decades Dr. Carter has utilized the science of testing hormones in order to study the detailed and delicate balance of each individual’s glandular system.


She has learned that the entire glandular system, the gut and the liver are responsible for a smooth transition into menopause and andropause. The interplay of the thyroid, adrenal, ovaries, pituitary and hypothalamus is examined in all her patients that complain of hormone issues.

Treating with hormones is complex and Dr. Carter has taken three decades of study, experience, seminars and ongoing research to understand this intricate system. For instance, treating a man with testosterone is complicated, because as a man ages and his testosterone decreases one sees an increase in his estrogen production. This phenomenon needs to be dealt with, as giving testosterone to men will often shrink their testes and then in a few years they are back to muscle loss and weight gain because their testosterone is now being converted to estrogen.

Dr. Carter uses testing for men and women that is very comprehensive and looks at all the metabolites between the hormones. If your physician is not utilizing this science then beware, because you can increase your risk for breast cancer, hair loss, muscle loss and more by the indiscriminate use of hormones.

When treating hormones, Dr. Carter always fortifies the entire glandular system, focusing on nutritional, herbal therapies and lifestyle issues. The goal is to achieve a balance that creates an alleviation of symptoms, a great sense of wellbeing and a preservation of skin, bone, brain and heart as we age.

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