IV Therapy

Your diet, your breathing, as well as your microbiome, and your immune system are important factors in remedying these issues.

Currently we utilize IV therapy for heavy metal detoxification, the treatment of atherosclerosis, and for the treatment of acute and chronic illness.

Chelation therapy is the use of EDTA, a substance the seeks out and binds to minerals in your bloodstream. Once the medication binds to the minerals, it creates a compound that leaves your body in your urine.

Chelation therapy is a proven treatment for lead and mercury poisoning. Many physicians use chelation therapy to reverse heart disease and hardening of the arteries, as the EDTA binds to the calcium and heavy metals in the plaque and sweeps it away through the kidneys.

The only large study on chelation that has been done shows that patients do benefit from chelation. More than 100,000 Americans use chelation, yet our medical establishment is drug and surgically based, therefore chelation is not covered by insurance.

Plaquex is another IV, which is used to successfully dissolve the plaque that causes arteriosclerosis. This IV uses phospholipids to dissolve the plaque. Our office also uses IVs for nutrients in treating acute and chronic disease.

Vit C drips, Myers Cocktails, Hydrogen Peroxide are a few types of IVs that we do. Also we are developing the use of ozone in our IVs and plan to add UV light as it is a powerful tool in eliminating chronic disease caused by stealth pathogens such as Lyme and its co-infections.

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