Gastrointestinal Illnesses

No other place in the body is better to start healing than in the gut, and no other place in the body is more often the root cause of a person’s chronic illness. 

We live in a time where the human microbiome has been devastated. Research has reinforced an ancient Naturopathic principal, that we are not just single individuals walking the planet, but we are walking ecosystems.

We acquire our microbiomes from birth from the environment we were born in to. Then they morph and change according to our diet, ingestion of soil on our foods. Unfortunately with antibiotic use, processed (pasturized) foods, hand sanitizers and lack of soil bacteria from our lost hunting and gathering societies, these changes can lead to grave health issues. Beneficial bacteria produce vitamins we need for our survival, enzymes we need to digest certain foods, like gluten, and an ecolgy that promotes healthy cell junctions. Our microbiome can be tested and treated.

Your gastrointestinal symptoms are an important place to start in your healing journey. Suppressing your symptoms with Protonix   (proton pump inhibitors) not only leads to chronic degenerative illnesses but ignores your opportunity to use your gut as a guideline in your path to better health and eradication of illness.

Dr. Carter is passionate about restablishing you with your ancestrial microbiome and enjoys witnessing her patient’s transformation from sickness to health.

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